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Our wind turbine offers the following features

  1. A robust 8 blade design, thus ensuring high torque even at slower wind speeds.
  2. Produces lesser than 60 decibels of noise.
  3. The wind turbine has a highly stable design which adopts its functionality to varying wind speeds.


Wind Turbine Technical specification
Rotor Diameter 1.15 meters
Blade material 3 Blade CFK - Hand Laminated
Rated Power 400 Watt
Working voltage 24 Volts
Rated wind speed 13.5 m/s (30 MpH)
Cut-in Speed
2.2 m/s (4.9 MpH)
Turbine weight 9.1 Kgs (20.06 lbs)
Over speed braking RPM  1420 RPM
Operational temperature -30oC to +50oC
Life span 15 Years

Solar panel and assembly:

Solar Panel and assembly specification
Rated power 200 Watt
Rated Voltage 24 Volt
Panel weight 5.2 Kilos
Mounting accessories weight 22 Kilos
Conversion efficiency 14%
Solar panel life  20 Years
Module size (LxWxH) 845 x 545 x 35 mm