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green bulb 

Did you know that a standard HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamps used mostly in street lighting, produces over 0.93 Cubic Tons of CO2 every year? When we designed our Solargy Lights our main focus was to bring the best product for our customers while having the least negative enviromental impact on our planet.

* Our lights have 0 operational carbon footprint

* Not only do we cut down on energy requried to install traditional lights, but we also pass on the cost savings from laying wires, installing transformers, etc.

* Our lights consume less power yet have a higher luminosity than currently used high pressure sodium or metal halide lamps.


Custom Solutions


We work closely with our customers to fit our products to their needs. We will paint the light poles per customer's choice of color. We have a initial discussion with our customers to see the preferred mode of control, the installation procedures, etc and keep them updated throughout the process till the devliery of the units.