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Solargy Lights focuses on providing green solutions for street lighting. The company was founded by Jim DeSeyn and is head quartered in Neche, ND.  We provide off-the-grid outdoor lighting solutions for various sectors including municipal street lighting, parking lots, mobile home parks and sports facilities. The system is self-sustaining and runs solely on solar and wind power. Our exquisitely designed hybrid street lighting systems has limited disturbance of landscaping with minimal installation costs.  This makes Solargy Lights an environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective lighting solution. We have also expanded into designing and engineering site specific power generation to assist with data transmission.  This is especially valuable for remote oil and gas well sites.

We set ourselves apart from others by putting the customer in the heart of everything we do.  Customization is highly valued by us and we seek to provide our customers with unique pole colors that match their needs. Every sale is extremely important to us, regardless of the size and location. We strive to provide our customers with the solutions they need and the service they deserve. 


Our Lead Team

Jim DeSeyn, Company Founder and President, is versed in business practices having owned and operated other businesses for many years.  Solargy Lights came about as a result of his expertise in engineering, product development and logistics, along with a personal passion to show that green technology could exist and be self supporting as its own business model. These dreams were brought into fruition when Jim took his business expertise and passion and combined them with a group of brilliant engineers and designers who had the same enthusiasm towards renewable energy.

Dr. Alex Johnson is a Project Manager at Solargy Lights.  He has a PhD in Education and a Master of Science in Industrial Technology from the University of North Dakota. A native of North Dakota, Alex has worked for North Dakota companies such as Bobcat, EAPC Architects Engineers, and Cirrus Design and currently is a faculty member in the Department of Technology at the University of North Dakota. He brings to Solargy Lights extensive experience in manufacturing processes, product research and development, as well as, a passion for research in green technologies, particularly wind and solar.

Dr. Yong Hou works as a consultant to Solargy Lights. He has a PhD in Management Science as wells as a Master of Science in Systems Engineering. His bachelors degree is in Electrical Engineering. Dr. Hou has extensive business experience both in the United States as well as in China. He was the founder of  Shanghai Zhongdian International Trade Company located in Shanghai and is also a co-founder of Clean Republic, a green e-bicycle supplier located in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Hou teaches classes in management and alternative energy on an adjunct basis at the University of North Dakota and conducts research on green energy topics.

Rakesh Subramanian, M.E is a Project Manager at Solargy Lights. He has a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from India and is set to graduate with a Master's degree in Industrial Technology in May 2012. His research work is focused on inventory control and application of lean principles. Rakesh has worked with Infosys Technologies Limited, a world leader in software solutions, and he has had the experience os working in the Legal and Compliance IT division of UBS investment Bank, Singapore for over two years. He brings a fresh perspective, uncluttered by Industry norms in management, marketing and manufacturing. He has a passion for green technologies and hopes to work towards making Solargy Lights an industrial leader in Hybrid lighting solutions.

Martin Hellwig, MBA has a Master’s of Business Administration degree as well as a Diplomkaufmann degree from Germany. He teaches Economics and Computer Science at Fort Berthold Community College and previously taught Electronics at the University of North Dakota. Martin oversees the prototyping in western North Dakota and negotiates international import/export arrangements. Solargy Lights benefits from his international experience as well as his knowledge of local and global markets. Martin will also play a key role in software development for future system controllers