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Model 1: SWH-400 

Currently, our products are shipped with our SWH-400 controller, which offers the following features:

  • 1. On-board backlit easy to use LCD interface.
  • 2. Automatic LED light control using an on-board ambient light sensor.
  • 3. A Pulse-width-modulation (PWM) control that intelligently switches between
  •        wind and solar power output that optimally charges the batteries.
  • 4. A clear step-by-step interactive guide that helps the user set-up the lights is
  •        given with the purchase of our lights.

Our controllers are space optimized and have a robust cooling system for unparalleled performance regardless of environmental factors.

Technical Specification
 Rated battery voltage  24 Volts
 Rated wind turbine power  400 Watt
 Rated solar panel power  250 Watt
 Control mode  PWM
 Display mode  LCD
 Operational temperature range  -20oC to +55oC
 Operational humidity range  35 to 55% RH (without condensation)
 Photo-voltaic voltage: Light Control ON  2 Volts (Adjustable)
 Photo-voltaic voltage: Light control OFF  3 Volts (Adjustable)

Model 2: SWH-400-GSM


We are working on an intelligent controller which will be ready by June 2012.

This controller incorporates the following features in addition to the features of the SWH-400 controller.

  • 1. A module that enables you to remotely access and control
  •        the functions of the light.
  • 2. Allows you change the controls of every light individually using a
  •        unique product-id via an easy to use web interface.